A grand Event on 29th December on the theme of "Everybody Can Serve"

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           “Everybody Can Serve”

“Celebrating the Power of Inclusive Volunteering”

       29th of December 2014 from 11.00 am to 5pm



ENGAGE, the national NGO promoting inclusive volunteerism, in partnership with and with the support of VSO through the International Citizenship Service, ICS a program funded by DFID to promote a new awareness on global and developmental issues among youth, is organizing “Everybody can Serve”, a partnership/networking fostering event to promote a more inclusive society through volunteerism. The event will have a market place, a partnership/collaboration corner and discussion/debate component.

Venue:  Kupandole Banquet (opposite to IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, 5 minutes walk from main Kupandole road)


  • Create awareness about how people living  with disabilities can be active agents of change through volunteerism
  • Sharing of practices among volunteering and disabilities focused organizations
  • Create opportunities for networking and new partnerships


The Approach

Volunteerism can be seen as a transformative platform that can offer persons living with disabilities empowerment opportunities to reclaim their due role in society. Volunteerism proves that persons living with disabilities can also be active citizenship, shifting the traditional stereotype “paradigm” that sees them only as “passive” recipients of aid and social work.



  • Part I: Market Place and Partnership/Collaboration Corner
  • Part II: Reflection/Discussion


About the speakers/testimonials:

Shudarson Subedi: A leading the international disability community, Ashoka Fellows and current President the National Federation Disabled Nepal (NFDN). He is also Chair person of Disabled Peoples International South Asia and Vice Chair person of Asia Pacific region.

Sagar Prasai: Sagar is an activist, journalist and strong promoter of a more equal and inclusive society in Nepal. He recently set up Sangai Hami and before that he was selected for a US Department of State funded fellowship called “Community Solutions Program

Sushil Adhikari: A computer instructor, sound-editor, positive-thinker, disability-rights-promoter and social worker that become blind at age 11. Currently he works for an NGO, “Forward-Looking”. Together with his brother, who is also blind, founded a self-help social organization called “Bright Star Society” aimed at helping to those who are living with disabilities to access the health-care services.

Birendra Pokharel: Birendra is the Past President of National Federation Disabled Nepal and an internationally recognized activist. More recently he has been engaged as Facilitator for Abilis.

Shiva Raj Chapagain (to be confirmed): He is the Director of NDVS, the national volunteering program managed by the National Planning Commission. Since his appointment as Director at NDVS in 2012, Mr. Chaulagain worked incessantly to strengthen and re-launch NDVS.





Part I: Market Place and Networking

11.00 am

Organizations’ arrival and setting up of stalls


11.30 am


2.00 pm

Welcome, Market Place and  Networking


Informal Welcome from Organizers and “Housekeeping”


During the time available participants will have an opportunity to network.

Part II: Reflections/Discussion

2.00 pm


2.15 pm


Welcome from ICS Team


What is inclusive volunteerism? Pragya Agrawal, ENGAGE

2.15 pm


2.45 pm


Sushil Adhikari: Altruism and Disabilities

2.45 pm


 3.00 pm

Q&A Session


3.00 pm



Coffee and Networking


3.30 pm


4.00 pm

A conversation with Sagar Prasai and Birendra Pokharel

A Panel interview/discussion  with

  • Sagar Prasai, disability rights campaigner, founder of Sagai Hami


  • Birendra Pokharel, Country Director, Abilis Foundation

4.00 pm


4.20 pm

Q&A Session


4.20 pm

4.45 pm

Closing Key Note Speeches

“Why Volunteering is Important” by Shiva Raj Chapagain, Director, NDVS ( to be confirmed)


“The Challenges Ahead” by Shudarson Subedi, Chairperson, National Federation Disable Nepal


Note: He hope to see a huge participation of people, bringing peoples from different community in a same platform and creating opportunities to build relationship among them and thus, to create an inclusive society where everyone can have equal access to every aspect of life.


Position: Program Manager

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