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Government is essential for the management of the country and its resources. It also holds accountability towards the citizen who seek for the basic entities for survival. It however is quite tricky to understand these basic entities. We have always been chanting that our fundamental elements to live are food, shelter and cloth. Government has also deemed them with utmost priority. In addition to that, few more components have been added like education and health, have heard human rights too in some cases.

While government seems to unveil more factors to serve its citizens, it seems to miss fundamental issue for the development which stands above all. It was a great revelation for me after traveling to remote parts of the country.

"I have seen people working hard in their fields and growing crops. I have found them struggling to scale up their living standards as the market place is not nearby. There is a proverb which is rather demotivating, "Where there is problem, more pour in it." It takes more than an hour just to receive medical resistance. For little official work, people needed to travel hours, and even spend day or two. When its monsoon it would even take more." 

From above observation, I came to realize there is one crucial component that needs great deal of focus by the government to address i.e. connectivity. There are two types of connection: with physical infrastructure like roads, rope ways, air ways, water ways etc and non-physical, virtual type like telecommunication and internet. 

The oldest from of connectivity have always been the roads. Commuting from one place to other is the crucial in development. Being able to transport goods from one place to another has decrease the distance and made it easier also with the invention of vehicles. Places which would take months to travel has been possible to be reached in hours. Easiest and efficient mode of transports are being developed every now and then with innovation. 

Easier the connection the people have started to find it possible to stay away from dense city areas. Roads being introduced in the rural section has increased living standards there, as market becomes closer. Roads bring everyone closer to the world physically. The in-flow and out-flow of the people increase dramatically, which thereby increases the level of interaction. They become up-close to the recent development in the whole world, let alone the country. That is when the greatest revelation happen; they start to understand their strength in terms of resources and their limitations. They seek for and apply new ideas to exhaust resources and also reduce their limitations. This process would take time but It happens sponstaneously; evolution takes every moment but the tangible change happen in significant number of years.

With the introduction of information and communication, the development has sped up. Road ways, air ways, rope ways and water ways have been limited to the transportation of physical good. Previously, above four mode of transportation used to cater to the need for communicating too. Either human was involved or letters, it would take huge time period in order to communicate. Telecommunication is the greatest invention so far, turning whole world into a village. Any ideas can now spread in GLOCAL (mixture of of global and local) level. Things have gone live. Whole world can live in single moment, by connecting everyone at same time. This is what we call the best way to decentralization so far. The people would have access to infinite choices. 

While saying that even with boost in the connectivity worldwide, there are still huge number of people unaware and not in access. The lifestyle is still primitive and hardship is noticeable. It can be suggested to the government that rather than focusing on spoon feeding, it should work really in providing the effective tools for their development. 

Government need to focus on constructing roads and facilitating in development of communication, which I believe is the permanent solution to any problems. 


Position: Founder - Saathi Ko Ghar and School Relation & Placement Coordinator - Teach For Nepal

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