Go Smell the Roses

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I do not like working 9-5, is a phrase I have often come across since the time I started working. Or probably even before that.   My generation that witnessed the growth of many non- traditional and  “Off the beaten track” career opportunities  attaches at most  significance to  not being a “traditionalist” and by that extension,  having every aversion to work in a time slot.

 The odd working hours, the blending of personal and professional realms and being constantly on the go are things that are greatly prized and even elevated to the level of a virtue by companies and organizations.  The numerous interviews that I have sat for over the years have followed the same pattern in this regard.  It is either said as a statement, an organizational axiom of sorts or posed as a question. Both of which measure your “commitment” towards your new job. Once you secure the job ,  it becomes the yard stick to your performance .  The number of hours that   you put in both during , before & after  office is directly proportionate to the degree of commitment that you have for your job.

It is not just the extended working hours that add credibility to your sincerity and dedication towards your job, but working on days that are meant to rejuvenate your mind and body, the weekends.  In the earlier days, weekends were reserved for family, friends and relaxation. They were sacrosanct, un-touched and untarnished by the constant work-related calls, emails, Skype messages and the likes.  The weekends have lost their charm. More often than not weekends have become just another working day.  Believe it or not, people actually declare that they have worked for 5 consecutive weekends in a manner that suggests they they might have qualified to take part in the next Olympic games.

If one pauses for a split second and ponders as to why he/she is working like there is no tomorrow, the answer would be crystal clear. Any one works primarily for himself or herself and for the family. The money that is earned to provide comfort to self and the people whom one holds dear.  But with  working “ beyond the call of duty”  becomes your duty, what is one left with in terms of time? The books remain unread, adventures keep on waiting for their turn to be explored, the first step of your child goes unnoticed and so does your parents’ 50th wedding anniversary.  If we aren’t working to be with people whom we love and do things that we want, what are we working for!

Work- life like any two opposite forces of nature, require balance.  So what are you waiting for! Go  smell the rose in your garden, read that book that demands your attention or take your child to the park. As for  the “ Most Urgent and important” email to your boss, it can surely wait for sometime.



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