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When everyone wants to prove that their point is the only one that exists. When everyone shuts you down because you articulate views contrary to theirs. Where " Not with Us" becomes " Against Us" becomes a motto by which people live their life. When you are an object of derision because you talk about the pellets. Or when your whole ethical stance is questioned when you don't support hash tags like Get Out India and " India occupied Kashmir. Where peopledoubt your love for your country when you talk about right of self determination through referendum. A time when you are judged for not terming a separatist as a freedom fighter, I have lost hope for a middle ground of though process. When the social environs have lost all empathy and respect for an alternative perspective, a voice of sanity restores my faith. When your soul feels tired of people choosing the either end of the spectrum without the process of educated and informed decision making process and divides humanity in camps of "us" and "them". When choosing the middle path is the most excruciatingly painful exercise. When everything in this world is neatly comparetmentalized in black and white, without a thought to the grey that emcomasses shades of both. When you doubt your inner voice because a syestamatic polemic is executed to silence the dissennt. When the term "dissent" itself becomes an ampphorous term and your confidence in it is shaken to the roots of your being

 When distrust becomes the order of the day and you are left unheard and misunderstood. When your belief in the redundancy of "either/ or" becomes the sole refrence point of reproval and condemnation of your entire belief system , you need a voice that exhorts you to keep going on the path you are treading on. 

A voice that is right beside you when dejection clouds your vision  A voice of reason and rationality, a voice that says " Don't give up. Not just yet". Thank you for restoring my sanity and hope, even if it gets drowned in the ocean of voices that want you to choose the either end and not be a part of the rainbow that a spectrum has to offer.

Be that voice for yourself and for the likes of you, who search for the grain of truth and affinity in the whole tangled spool of thread called a " stance" . Find that voice in someone else and relay on it. The voice that will be the only voice of sanity and save you from your own moral death
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