The Euclid Summit: Growing Ecosystems For Social Impact: Everyone’s Responsible

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What is it

The Euclid Summit is Euclid Network’s flagship international 2-day gathering of people and organisations who have the openness to learn from, encourage and inspire each other to drive positive change. Our Summit 2018 mission was to stimulate all stakeholders – everyone – to take responsibility for growing their ecosystem for social impact.

Who’s it for

Individuals and organisations from across Europe who believe in cross-sector and cross-border collaboration to make a positive social impact: social entreprises, civil society organisations, cities/ regions, national governments, networks and support organisations, universities, businesses, social investors – everyone’s responsible!


Welcome: Why ecosystems, why now?

An overview of the Summit theme, and a call to action for all participants.


Opening talk:
Recipes for social finance & entrepreneurship

Eva Varga, co-author of ‘A recipe book for social finance’, presents her findings, while Antonella Noya introduces the OECD’s work on social entrepreneurship. Followed by audience Q&A.

  • Antonella Noya Head of Unit of the Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions and Cities at the OECD
  • Eva Varga Independent Expert in Social Investment; judge of the European Social Innovation Prize. Former member of the EU Social Business Expert Group

Keynote conversation:
Cities for social change

Which European cities are leading the way when it comes to enabling social innovation to flourish?

Join representatives from the ‘Impact City’ of The Hague, Paris, Eurocities and the OECD. Followed by audience Q&A.


Improve your ecosystem for better entrepreneurship

How fit is your local ecosystem for social entrepreneurship and social impact?

Find out as we test-drive a brand new self-assessment tool developed by the European Commission/OECD. The tool will be valuable to policy-makers, but also to entrepreneurs and networks advocating for more support, and to investors, incubators and others wanting to direct their support in the right area.


Roadmap of an Impact Entrepreneur

Every enterprise – social or otherwise – needs to scale to maximise its impact. But how does one scale? This masterclass covers the basic roadmap of an impact entrepreneur. Together with EY Financial Expert Peter Scheer, we’ll solve a number of cases from impact entrepreneurs at different stages on the roadmap as well as hearing from other entrepreneurs making a difference in the field.



Conclusions from the test drive and from the day’s conversations.

  • Risto Raivio Senior Expert, Job Creation Unit, DG Empl, European Commission
  • Eva Varga Independent Expert in Social Investment; judge of the European Social Innovation Prize. Former member of the EU Social Business Expert Group

Impact Late Cafes

Evening Session


After hours inspiration:
Europe’s best social innovations

Join Tessa for an inspiring session that explores the latest cross-border solutions and explains the background to the European Social Innovation Competition. Bring your own stories too!

  • Tessa de Geus Programme lead European Social Innovation Competition at Kennisland

The magic ingredient?
AI and big data for refugee/migrant integration

Forbes 30under30 entrepreneur Nathanael shares his vision for tech and data-driven solutions to integration, and what he’s learned so far. Bring your questions!

Stop drowning in impact measurement!
Tips from ACT Group

Impact measurement doesn’t have to be hard… or does it? Hear from ACT Group’s Teo – who has initiated or developed 20+ social ventures and support organisations – and share what’s worked for you.


DAY 2 – Thurs 12 April

Morning Session


Generating profit with purpose

How do you balance commercial objectives with social ones? What are some of the common traps to avoid? Laura and Nathanael share experience from Italy (food/circular economy/employability) and France (integration/inclusion/technology). Bring plenty of questions!


Establishing strong partnership

How do you secure – and successfully manage – a partnership with an influential corporate partner? Social Investment Scotland gives the inside scoop on their collaboration with major supermarket brand Asda.


Measuring your (social) impact

Hear more about Social Enterprise NL’s latest research and their work towards standardised impact indicators.

Clara will talk you through the five phases of impact measurement, looking at the different challenges and requirements of each. This session will help entrepreneurs identify where they currently are and what the next step should be.


Master sales to deliver your mission

Selling often has a bad reputation. Yet in social ventures, selling effectively is what enables most organisations to deliver their mission. Join WR Partnership for expert advice and feedback on using sales to better communicate, influence and grow your business.


Keynote conversation:
Filling the gaps for investment readiness

This plenary explores skills for investment readiness from the perspective of both investor and investee.

The conversation will pick up on specific needs raised in the masterclasses, and explore how policy tools such as the European entrepreneurship framework of competences (EntreComp) can help address these. It will be followed by an audience Q&A.

  • Slađana Novota Executive director and founder, Association for Civil Society Development (SMART), Croatia
  • Elin McCallum Director of Bantani Education
  • Riccardo Rè CEO of Adelante Dolmen & Welfare Milano social enterprises, and representative of Consorzio SiS, Italy

Day 2 – Afternoon Session


Private sector finance

Join a session with Erste Group Bank, which invests in start-up enterprises in seven European countries, and leading ethical and sustainable bank Triodos Bank; or with ABN AMRO’s Social Impact Fund, which invests in Dutch organisations and aims to grow the overall social impact market. A rare opportunity to hear more about what they’re looking for and ask your questions.


What difference does government make?


Scotland and Luxembourg are great examples – in different ways – of how much can be achieved when governments approach social impact holistically. Learn from insiders in each country as to how this came about and bring home tips for replicating their success in your own country or region.


Talk Show:
What’s shaking up entrepreneurship in Europe?

Wondering how blockchain, Brexit or new data protection laws might affect social entrepreneurship? Wondering how you can make the most of digitization, EU policy changes, or cross-border funding?

This quick-fire session will get you up to speed on the major trends, opportunities and threats facing European social ventures and those supporting them. It will also look at where EU policy fits in and consider what EU institutions should focus on in 2018 and beyond.


Position: Co -Founder of ENGAGE,a new social venture for the promotion of volunteerism and service and Ideator of Sharing4Good

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