End Gender Discrimination

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    Basically there are two genders that are found in a large number in our society, Male and Female. They may vary in looks, shape and sizes but can think, do and perform as each other. It's not that, male species are always the strongest and females are always the weakest. If they have the will power, gender doesnot pull anyone to reach their goals.

     We all know that it's a male dominant society we are living in. The first priority that is given, is to the Men. Females, or should i rather say, womens are mostly dominated in the society. Therefore cases of Rape and sexual harrasment occur in a large number. Even at the times of God and Goddess, womens have been always dominated and kept in a low position. The cruel traditions like, "Satee System" , "Dowry System" have been a curse to the Women.

     What do womens lack in themselves ? Are they not eligible to come forward and be in a higher positions like the Mens are in ? Why are they mentally taken down and could never be in a higher position ? It all comes down to the tradition that had been long started since the past. People know that it's a bad tradition that they are following, but since men are in the lead they are not motivated to take it down.

     However remarkable changes have taken place because some of the motivated people have been working against it. They know that, Male and Female are the wheels of the same cart. There fore they have made a remarkable changes and reduced the number of occurence of the cases. Therfore we must be motivated as well with their works. We must also carry out remarkable changes with our joint efforts. Let's get motivated with the works of " Women Empowerment In Nepal". 

   Let's bring out the real honest person hidden inside us. Let's help eachother without the feeling of jealousy and cruelity. Let's bring Changes and bring revolutionary changes in the World. 


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