Dear Vacany

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Dear vacancy, I remember seeing you from the time I was a small child. Back then I used to see it just for fun and to learn English. Now that I am older,I yearn for you every week and even days.

Now that you are here, I feel some lightness in my heart; filled with hope,filled with expectation of something good. You are very dear to me,dear to my identity,my survival to live out of lower middle class. You are my hope,my survival,my future and aspiration of my whole life.

I stroll along with you, go through with your body and Soul. I start to feel bereaved,i start to feel hopeless,feel useless,I feel lost.My aspirations,my hope,my dream;all comes crashing down.

You come with a hope that I can get you this time. But you want 3-5 years experience from me. You and I both know that I am still young.There are many others,young and aspiring like me who wants to get you.We all have been shattered when you ask so long years of experience from us. I think that one day you would be getting only the older people to come with you and that one day,we would be leaving you with a hope to find better future to unknown lands.

You and I both know that I am a guy,and yet you leave no boundaries to let me be with you. You say you prefer women,dalits and marginalized to be with you. And I fall under none of the categories you mention. You know that I am a janajati, and despite your classification of me as janajatis,I have nothing.My parents have nothing; my parents started from scratch to educate us,feed and cloth us and survive themselves for eachother and for us. Our parents taught us also with a hope that one day we would be in a better place than them,one day we would be better than them. And now you overshadow it, bring me and many others like me to darkness and void future and leave us here stranded with a call that we are better off that others and we now have no opportunities henceforth.

Dear vacancy, I missed you, now I am starting to hate you. Dear Vacancy.


Yours once faithful friend,

Vacant and now unworthy

Position: Project Coordinator

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