Cybersecurity: Paris Call of 12 November 2018 for Trust and Security in Cyberspace

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A call to tackle new threats together

Cyberspace, which is becoming increasingly central to our lives, is a place of opportunity, but also of new threats. The growth in cybercrime and malicious activity can also endanger both our private data and certain critical infrastructures.

In order to respect people’s rights and protect them online as they do in the physical world, States must work together, but also collaborate with private-sector partners, the world of research and civil society.

Supporters of the Paris Call are therefore committed to working together to:

  • increase prevention against and resilience to malicious online activity;
  • protect the accessibility and integrity of the Internet;
  • cooperate in order to prevent interference in electoral processes;
  • work together to combat intellectual property violations via the Internet;
  • prevent the proliferation of malicious online programmes and techniques;
  • improve the security of digital products and services as well as everybody’s “cyber hygiene”;
  • clamp down on online mercenary activities and offensive action by non-state actors;
  • work together to strengthen the relevant international standards.

Paris Digital Week, a chance to bring together a wide range of partners

Paris Digital Week comprises three major events linked to digital technology, which will take place following the commemorations to mark the centenary of the First World War Armistice:

  • The “New Technologies” component of the Paris Peace Forum on 11-13 November at La Grande Halle de La Villette in Paris;
  • The GovTech Summit, focusing on the digital transformation of States and democracies, on 12 November at Paris City Hall;
  • The Internet Governance Forum, under the title ‘Internet of Trust’, at UNESCO on 12-14 November.

It was at the Grande Halle de la Villette during the Paris Peace Forum that the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Mr Jean-Yves Le Drian, laid out the challenges and objectives of the Paris Call.

The Call was then officially launched later that day by the President of the French Republic, Mr Emmanuel Macron, as part of the Internet Governance Forum, with many supporters of this multilateral initiative in attendance.


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