Convocation on Heels

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Our feet were hurting due to shoe heels but we refused to give in because we knew heights matter. Our university of Birmingham’s motto per ardua at atla – with hard work we can achieve great heights. Yes we did.

With Achievement came advise “leave your ego at the door …this is the beginning of your learning.”

‘Whoever ceases to be a student has never been a student.’

George Isles

The great hall almost resembled the Cistine chapel of Rome. The former was beautified with colorful glass panes and a marvelous dome ceiling .The engraved university emblem on the voluminous ceiling offered the appearance of a star studded sky. Vigilance of own eyes is more crucial than any other thing .Missing the balance will register the official fall on the steps that leads to the vice chancellor. 

The community of dull pastel orange robes occupied one corner of the great hall; sitting with seat number in their hands...They were Masters of Business Administration. On the right hand, sat the community with light green robes...Masters of Arts and on the stage were academicians with robes of red. We understood colors divided the stages of knowledge...Some are more ripe than others. And eventually all colors will mingle to form a rainbow.

Distant achievements can fill with fragnance the nearby bonds. Proud parents couldn’t stop applauding as students ascended, descended the steps and marched on the red carpet.

To all international students I speak my heart

Dear statues of liberty,

We swim from one culture (one way of doing things) into other culture to form a zygote of oneness. More than division, it’s the learning of perfection.

We realize ‘I am behind someone and someone is behind me’...We are all in line. Yet no one has truly reached the summit, though we may have progressed. True for we as individuals as well as for nations

Can we write our own declaration of independence? No...This was not one of our modules taught at the university. But this was certainly what our education wanted us to do. What is worth more than our degree is freedom to match the punctuality of the institution and professors. We are all like rabbits found in “Alice in Wonderland’, running with time pieces in our hands .whether we end up early or we end up late, if our life is not a masterpiece, no watch can be of great help.  One of our strategy professors in our first class made categorical beginning “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime…..I ‘m here to feed you for a lifetime.”

Position: Educationist

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