Call for papers: 2022 ENSE forum

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The 16th ENSE Forum will take place in Guimarães, Portugal, from 22-23 September 2022. This year’s theme is ‘Sport Education in a Changing World.’ Tempo Livre, a Portuguese grassroots sports organization and ENSE member, will host the forum in Guimarães.

The forum will offer a space for reflection and discussion about the current societal and educational challenges facing Europe and the role of sport, in particular programmes and policies for the education of sport professionals, to address challenges such as climate change, social segregation, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The core questions that the forum seeks to answer include:

  • In which ways has the rapid development of digital technologies opened up new possibilities for sport education?
  • How are sport education programmes being delivered online? How are sport educators being trained or supported for online education?
  • What are current (digital) trends and developments in sport education?
  • In which way have global issues such as globalisation, digitalisation, and privatisation a profound impact on (sport) education programs?
  • How are sport educators trained and supported to tackle societal challenges such as social cohesion, inclusion, physical inactivity, health, peace or climate change?

One main part of the forum are the parallel sessions, in which presenters give a 15-minute presentation on their chosen topic. Experienced academics, practitioners and students alike are invited to submit their abstracts.

Those interested in presenting at the forum can submit their abstracts by 15 June. Full requirements can be found in this document. To apply, upload your paper here.

Further updates on the ENSE Forum will be shared on the ENSE website or on the website of our host.

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