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What is Dhulomandu exactly? Dhulomandu is a name given to Kathmandu as ‘Dhulo’ means dust in Nepali and Kathmandu has been very polluted due to the Melamchi Drinking Water Project being held out since few months.

Melamchi Drinking Water Project is a Project which should have run in Nepal before more than 10 years as per my research. Even in Schools of Nepal, Melamchi Drinking Water Project was, is and will be the hot trending topic as it has already been more than 10 years since the Project should have started. Every Nepali Citizen is very eager about the Melamchi Drinking Water Project.

The road of Kathmandu has been dug for the pipeline since few months and hasn’t been fixed yet. It is taking more time than it should usually take. The roads are filled with dusts and are causing air pollution all over Kathmandu. Dhulomandu has been a trending topic as it is the major prevailing problem of Nepal and this topic has been attracting the youths than anyone. The Government of Nepal has been very effective than before but as we know the work of the government is very slow. Due to the dust and pollutions caused by this project, Kathmandu has been known as Dhulomandu for the last few months. People have been wearing masks to walk pass the roads of Kathmandu as it is very dusty and the vehicles have been causing more pollution as the dust caused by digging the roads of KTM and the vehicles causes more pollution. People have been using ‘#dhulomandu’ to post dusty pictures of roads of Kathmandu and the suffering of people due to this.

Hope this problem of Dhulomandu will be soon gone as it is turning into a massive problem.


Position: Intern ENGAGE

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