The battle for Social Inclusion

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Social Inclusion.

It is not easy to define it . What it is, how it works

Who are the persons who can benefit out of it

It is sensitive, complex and challenging but at the same time it offers opportunities for transformation change.



Social Inclusion should be a matter of priority for everybody.

Not only those being excluded

You can be a dalit, an abused woman, a person with disabilities or simply living in a status of vulnerability, no matter your caste or ethnic group

Social inclusion requires a joint effort

We need to build coalitions, partnerships, bridging the existing gaps.

For this to happen, we need trust.

It is so hard to work in partnerships but it is essential and on this, we really need to step up our efforts.


Persons with disabilities must be among those taking the lead in building a more inclusive society.

For this to happen, they need to work very hard

To demonstrate that they are part of the solution, not of the problem

It is all about personal leadership

It is about a process of personal uplifting

I call this self-empowerment

Let’s not ask just for help

Let’s forge ahead and contribute

Sushil, Basudev Adhikari, the founders of Bright Star Society are an incredible force

They are so good at it.

And yet we need to make a greater effort to reach out other youths with disabilities, those who have not been given an opportunity yet, those who are lost somewhere, trapped in their isolation

They need to step up

Because volunteerism, active citizenship can be for them a way out of the shadow


Self-empowerment is a personal challenge and a great opportunity at the same time.

Vulnerable youths can show that they have not only the potential but are also equipped with right skills, attitudes and positive values that can help transform Nepal in a greater and better Nation.

Their resilience can be a springboard for unstoppable success.

Their personal stories of pain and suffering and humiliation are source of inspiration for all.

It is up to them to work and push themselves hard but and this is very key

It is also up to all of us.

Social Justice is a common cause and must be seen as a shared dream

Persons without disabilities, persons who do not know what the word vulnerability means

Must step up

It is their challenge too and it is their responsibility too

Let’s not forget that this is a common battle, a peaceful and enduring one.

Position: Co -Founder of ENGAGE,a new social venture for the promotion of volunteerism and service and Ideator of Sharing4Good

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