Back with my old, sweet mobile and I am wondering: does modernity always mean simplicity?

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I was one of the latest person, I guess, in my generation ( I was born in 1977) to embrace ”mobility”. I still remember at university and after university I stubbornly I was rejected the idea to have a mobile when everybody had already one. I do not know why but I trusted my guts feelings and I was happy with very limited connectivity, at the end of the day, who said that you need to be reachable every day, every bit of the day. Those were good days.  I joined the mobility revolution only when I started working in Angola, Africa where basically I was forced to have a mobile by my employer, an INGO. That’s was for security reason but mostly because internet connectivity was a shame.

Now I confess I can hardly live without a mobile but I am still somehow faithful to myself when I reject to join Face Book. Let me be clear here, I am not saying Face Book does not make sense, actually we just started using it for monitoring the incredible work of our ENGAGE Corps and it is quite terrific but what worries me is the way people use it. Why should be “friends” of people we even do not have a clue of whom they are?

I am worried about the banality of posting something just for the sake of posting. Folks post on Face Book stupid things, void of any meaning. It is just like let everybody know about every single thing we are doing. E-mailing good moments to old good friends is much better. Not that I am particularly good at it but when I do it, I feel better and I like it.

 Hyper connectivity, sharing everything it can be useful but again I do not trust myself, therefore I decided to avoid the risk of banality by staying far away from Face Book.

I got the inspiration to write about this because today I got back my old sweet mobile, a stone age NOKIA but it is so basic, so simple that it makes my day. Last week, it got a tough wake up and suddenly it expected me to write its security code. Oh dear, I had no idea about it. I brought it to the clinic, I thought there was no hope and I just went back today for the second time to hear the doctors and totally unexpectedly my sweety is back to life and it is working perfectly FINE.

These days I was using another NOKIA, not the last generation of smart phone but definitely smarter than my sweety and at beginning I was struggling to accept the reality of a touch screen device but then I was sure I would get used and adjust to the new ITC revolution. Welcome to new century SIMO!!!. But then I realized that actually this kind of smart phone is not that smart at least in terms of simplicity. For one function, you need to touch and click the screen several times. Yes I could be connect with internet, have  bigger memory but simple tasks I used to do before with one touch ( manual) now were requiring my some Fxxx words!!!

I was really missing my sweety NOKIA but now it is back and I am really glad.

Being at Stone Age era of mobile technology does not really bother me. I know this has its limitations like I cannot be on line 24x24; I cannot share whatever I am doing with other people so called friends that would probably never know who really they are.

Being connected is fine but we need to rule the way we want it to be and not be afraid to take some time OFF. If you need an help, I can borrow you my sweety...


Position: Co -Founder of ENGAGE,a new social venture for the promotion of volunteerism and service and Ideator of Sharing4Good

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