ASHOKA: Changemaking Networks

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In the first network effects playbook for social entrepreneurs, Ashoka Board Member, Sushmita Ghosh, presents the five core principles and accompanying strategies for harnessing changemaking network effects. Sushmita distilled these conclusions from extensive interviews with Ashoka Fellows who have pioneered global Changemaking Networks. These networks have successfully orchestrated the coming together of several systems, their players, and concerned citizens to serve positive social change goals—such as “Zero Homelessness,” “Health Care Without Harm,” and “Holding Power to Account”—harnessing changemaking network effects.
Ashoka is delighted to share a must-read for every social sector organization, company, funding agency, student, or concerned citizen who cares about a new way of organizing mass changemaking to outsmart and outpace the world’s biggest problems.
Written for action-takers, it leaves every reader with a clear sense about how to get started on building Changemaking Networks. Today.

If you would like to organize for exponential positive social change and, therefore, want to know the behind-the-scenes specifics of how they ignited the interest of vast communities of actors to pool their creativity and savvy for continuous mountain-moving, in ways they may never have thought of on their own, then this playbook might interest you.

  ~  Sushmita Ghosh

Position: Co -Founder of ENGAGE,a new social venture for the promotion of volunteerism and service and Ideator of Sharing4Good