2022 Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development

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This year’s Forum will explore ways to enable an environment of peace in the face of converging crises. Against the backdrop of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, the Forum will discuss long-term global challenges in the midst of the immediate security crisis. What needs to change within the economy, institutions, governments, organizations, companies and societies to sustain the natural environment, biodiversity and human progress while sustaining peace and security according to the goals set out in Agenda 2030?

Armed conflicts are at a record high, non-state armed groups are proliferating, and the war in Ukraine has triggered the worst refugee crisis since World War II. Simultaneously, a second human security crisis is raging as the impacts of rapid environmental and climate change are increasingly felt by populations around the world.

Environmental degradation and climate change are affecting human security in diverse ways. The challenge is twofold. First, sudden extreme weather events may generate or amplify local grievances, particularly in fragile, conflict-affected countries. Second, the massive changes needed to protect the biosphere, which sustains life on earth, require a global transition to a sustainable and just world economy with green policies, institutions and processes by public and private actors. The transition needs to happen now, as Europe faces its biggest security crisis for decades.

The interlinkages between the crises suggest that human security can no longer be guaranteed by tweaking the margins of existing solutions. The 2022 Forum will explore ways to address these converging crises. From grassroot and corporate action to global policy decisions, diverse stakeholders and participants will share solutions, good practices and lessons learned.

The Forum sessions will pave the way for discussions at the Stockholm+50 Conference, hosted by Sweden on 1–3 June.

For each of the days of the 2022 Stockholm Forum, the format will combine open high-level policy debates with invitation-only sessions, roundtables, workshops, debates, fireside chats and spotlight presentations. The Forum will work with partners to foster open exchange with the wider peacebuilding community through in person and online sessions.

The Stockholm Forum is co-hosted by SIPRI and the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

SIPRI produced a short film on the virtual 2021 Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development on ‘Promoting Peace in the Age of Compound Risk. Browse the content of the 2021 Stockholm Forum and watch the discussions here.

Download the ‘2021 Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development’ report (PDF).

Registration information

Registration will open in April 2022. Information about the registration process will be made available on this page. The 2022 Forum will be held in a hybrid format.


Forum enquiries

For additional enquiries on the 2022 Forum, please contact the organising team (SthlmForum@SIPRI.org).

Media contacts

For media enquiries, please contact Alexandra Manolache, Media and Communications Officer (alexandra.manolache@sipri.org, +46 76 628 61 33) or Stephanie Blenckner, Director of Communications (blenckner@sipri.org, +46 8 655 97 47).

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