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'ENGAGE, in partnership with and with the support of VSO through the International Citizenship Service (ICS), organized "Everybody Can Serve" - a partnership and networking fostering event to promote a more inclusive society through volunteerism. The event comprised a market place, a partnership/collaboration corner and discussion/debate component.'


ENGAGE: www.engage.org.np

Take action with VSO on the Women in Power Campaign

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Image by Peter Caton/VSO, Women's Network in Bindabasini VDC, Dailekh district, Nepal
This Saturday 8th March is International Women’s Day and this will be used as a platform for lobbying for a stand alone goal for gender equality. Please join VSO in taking action on this campaign. www.vso.org.uk/WiP/take-action


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The idea is simple: creating an open “Portal” where engaged and committed citizens who feel to share their ideas and offer their opinions on development related issues have the opportunity to do...


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