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The day in which Dr King was born is celebrated in the USA as a public holiday dedicated to service and volunteering. Given the leadership of Dr.King in the fight against racism and discrimination in the States in the fifties and sixties, the day should be celebrated worldwide. In Nepal on 28th of January there will be an event organized by the American Embassy in partnership with ENGAGE.

Once Again the Adhikari brothers!!! Irresistible and unstoppable examples of volunteering inspired society.

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The power of individuals that despite living with disabilities are incessantly proving that social activism starts from the heart. Persons like Basu Dev Adhikari and many others have a big one. There is no room for self pity, why should they have? They just have great empathy towards the society. Call it incontrollable generosity.

Inclusive Volunteering For All

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Here Sushil Adhikari and Bharat 'Tiger" Karki explain how persons living with disabilities can be examples of active citizenship through volunteerism. When being a person with disabilities does necessarily mean you are always at the "receiving" hands

Social Work Day 2014: everybody is a social worker

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Social Work is hard to be defined mus surely completes and integrate the overall development work. The two, social work and development should be promoted not only among professionals but also among citizenry. It is a new way of ethics, a new way of taking a stand and do something.

Sustaining social and civic entrepreneurship: Let’s have an inclusive one stop shop for social innovation

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Once again Change Fusion Nepal with the support of Surya Nepal is organizing the Surya Nepal Asha Social Entrepreneurship Award (SNASEA). Initiatives like the ones promoted by Change Fusion Nepal and Surya Nepal are essential to offer a launch pad for those innovators with marketable ideas. At the same time, I would love to see similar initiatives genuinely promoting the best social innovations