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Latest Sharings

First Nations Leaders and Delegates from Across the Country Gather for the AFN Annual General Assembly

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Representatives of Indigenous/Native will meet in July 23-25, 2019 in Fredericton, NB to discuss national priorities to advance the rights and well being of native Canadians ahead of federal elections in October 2019

UN High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF 2019): Empowering people and ensuring inclusiveness and equality'.

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In the run up to the SDG SUMMIT, 24 - 25 September 2019, NEW YORK (High-level Political Forum (HLPF) under the 74th Session of the General Assembly, ), the 7th session of the UN High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF 2019) took place from9 July, to Monday, 15 July 2019, and at the ministerial forum from 16 July, to Thursday, 18 July 2019.

Why does good government matter? By NEW ZEALAND PRIME MINISTER Jacinda Ardern

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Jacinda Ardern gave yesterday a powerful speech in Melbourne on why governance is important and makes a strong case about investing against unequal societies...., tearing down the barriers that divides those who have and those who do not have....and she focuses on the importance of providing well being focused policies....and that's why she is asking what is prosperity.

Global Conference for Media Freedom

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he Global Conference for Media Freedom in 2019 will be the first of its kind. It will take place 10 to 11 July 2019 in London. UK and Canadian governments are co-hosting the Global Conference for Media Freedom. It is a major milestone in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office campaign to protect journalists doing their job, and to promote the benefits of a free media worldwide.


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Today Ken Wyatt, Minister for Indigenous Australia, promised to organize an Indigenous recognition referendum within three years that would be a game changer to officially recognize the role of indigenous Australians, a first step to address their historical grievances. The referendum will seek consensus to officially give a representation in the national politics for indigenous people

FROM WEF: Skills, not job titles, are the new metric for the labour market

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Skills are the new currency on the labour market. Skills indicate demand and supply at a more nuanced level than occupations, whose required expertise and skills are changing increasingly quickly, and degrees, which are often already outdated by the time they are obtained.

Employment and Social Developments in Europe (ESDE) review.

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Today the Commission has published the 2019 edition of its yearly Employment and Social Developments in Europe (ESDE) review. In light of global long-term trends such as ageing, globalisation, technological transformation and climate change, the 2019 ESDE is dedicated to the theme of sustainability.

Experiencing Empathy

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My basketball injuries have helped me to have a bit more understanding of what it might be like to live with a disability


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The recently concluded Nepal Basketball League has been a great success and a boost for National Sports but how can we leverage sports for the betterment of the society? Let's look at some ways we can do sports while promoting the right values and the personal development of the athletes. The Solo Basketball Academy run by former ENGAGE Sport Coaches Manish and Manoj Rajopadhyay show the way!!!

The Raptors are not the only Champs....

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Perhaps if you do not follow sports, you won't be aware that the Raptors were recently crowned NBA Champions. It is a first time that a non American team wins the title.The crowd of fans gathering to celebrate them was totally astonishing, 2 millions people in the streets of Toronto and they are THE CHAMPS TOO. It has been a real team victory thanks also to DeMar DeRozan and all the bench...

World Drug Report 2019: 35 million people worldwide suffer from drug use disorders while only 1 in 7 people receive treatment

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Globally, some 35 million people are estimated to suffer from drug use disorders and who require treatment services, according to the latest World Drug Report, released today by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

Modernization of world nuclear forces continues despite overall decrease in number of warheads

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The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) today launches the findings of SIPRI Yearbook 2019, which assesses the current state of armaments, disarmament and international security.

ASIA PACIFIC BUSINESS FORUM 2019: Global Goals, Local Opportunities

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UN ESCAP is collaborating with the Government of Papua New Guinea and the Papua New Guinea Investment and Promotion Authority to jointly organize the APBF 2019 in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea on 20-21 June, 2019.

Creating Opportunities for Rural Youth 2019 Rural Development Report

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Youth is the period of life -- from age 15 to 24 -- when we cease to depend on others and take charge of our own future. If the transition goes well, everyone benefits. But a failed transition can result in life-long poverty, and a negative impact on society and the economy.This report focuses on rural youth, who make up around half of all young people in developing countries.

New international labour standard to combat violence, harassment, at work agreed

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The Centenary International Labour Conference has adopted a new Convention and Recommendation to combat violence and harassment in the workplace.


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Learning with Fun, an incredible example on how volunteers can make the difference. Learning with Fun is the ENGAGE pilot program to harness the social emotional learning of children with disabilities.

World Day Against Child Labour 12 June

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The International Labour Organization (ILO) launched the World Day Against Child Labour in 2002 to focus attention on the global extent of child labour and the action and efforts needed to eliminate it. Each year on 12 June, the World Day brings together governments, employers and workers organizations, civil society.

World Day Against Child Labour: Statement of ILO Director-General Guy Ryde

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n a statement released for World Day Against Child Labour, ILO Director-General Guy Ryder urges Governments, workers and employers to make a final push to end child labour.

Quotes of Heads of State/Government at Centenary International Labour Conference

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Dozens more dignitaries are scheduled to address the Centenary session of the ILC. Nearly 6,000 delegates – representing governments, workers and employers – will discuss how to address the transformative changes in the world of work, and will consider the adoption of a landmark ILO Centenary Declaration focusing on the future of work.

The future of work ‘with social justice for all’ tops agenda of centenary UN Labour conference

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The Centenary International Labour Conference got underway on Monday at the UN in Geneva, with ILO chief Guy Ryder, calling on hundreds of delegates from around the world to help “construct a future of work, with social justice for all”.