Promoting partnership Supporting viable innovations Market-led approach to empower and support girls

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Solid and promising ventures are working to scale up their work to benefit local girls.

Innovation Growth Lab Global Conference 2017 held in barcelona

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GL2017 brought together senior policymakers, practitioners and researchers to explore future innovation and entrepreneurship policies. It has been organized by NESTA with a support of a great network of partners.



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It is legitimate for technology to be driven by a profit making logic but the problem is with the way the society has become too inclined to follow blindly the pursuit of new devices whose sales are aggressively boosted by aggressive marketing. What is not necessary become essential and yet it is not contributing in making our lives any better.

Innovation. And. Sustainable Development. | Veneeta Singha

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Some thoughts on innovation and sustainable development.

Crowd Democracy: how civic innovation can transform the decision making system.

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We should wonder why liberal democracy has not been able to offer new and legitimate “venues” to hear and accommodate different opinions. Is the street the only viable option to raise your voice and hopefully influence a desired change? Civic Engagement and Innovation show other ways are achievable.

Interview to Professor John Dryzek (Australian National University) : The Powerful Idea of Deliberative Democracy

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John is one of the most prominent expert on deliberative democracy, a concept that could genuinely enhance and bolster the ways nations envisions democracy. Prof.Dryzek is a Fellow of Political Science and Australian Research Council Federation Fellow. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia, former Head of the Departments of Political Science at the Universities of Oregon.

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