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GIRL SUMMIT and DOWN SYNDROME DAY : The hard walk towards real inclusuion

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Last week was really packed in terms of international days dedicated to important topics and issues. Among others, there was World Down Syndrome Day. Interesting the global GIRL SUMMIT was being held in Kathmandu but the focused was mainly on child marriage. What about having a real inclusive GIRL SUMMIT next time?

An interview with Shila Thapa,Founder President of Down syndrome Society, Nepal (DSSN)

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People with Down Syndrome and other Learning and Development Disabilities have to go through so much physically and emotionally. In order to help them lead a normal life and to make them realize their abilities, Shila Thapa established Down Syndrome Society, Nepal (DSSN). In this short interview she talks about her inspiration,work,challenges and future plans.

A Nepali Mother Journey with a child with Down Syndrome

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Proud sister,Anouska who is 5 with her 4 months old brother,Kaiden who has Down Syndrome.
This is a Nepali mother journey 6 months later after having a son with Down Syndrome and how it has changed their life for the good.As shocking it may be, it came as acceptance at last.They have learnt to enjoy life as it is and appreciate what God has created for them.

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