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Latest Sharings

[Joint Statement] Myanmar: Execution of four democracy activists highlights junta’s brutality

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Myanmar Military executes four democracy activists including ex-MP. This is unfortunately unacceptable but it is happening.

Challenges to social policy in the Covid-19 and (post)Covid recovery period: implications, solutions and innovations

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24-26 August 2022 Vilnius Lithuania The conference will take place in a hybrid format, this means there will be a possibility for those whose papers will be accepted, but they cannot travel to present their papers and follow the conference online

Media Release: IPBES Values Assessment - Decisions Based on Narrow Set of Market Values of Nature Underpin the Global Biodiversity Crisis

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The way nature is valued in political and economic decisions is both a key driver of the global biodiversity crisis and a vital opportunity to address it, according to a four-year methodological assessment by 82 top scientists and experts from every region of the world.

Global economy: Outlook worsens as global recession looms – IMF

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Still reeling from the COVID pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the global economy is facing an increasingly murky and uncertain outlook, according to the latest report released on Tuesday by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The 26th IAVE World Volunteer Conference

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Hosted for the first time in the Middle East, the 26th IAVE World Volunteer Conference will be hosted by the Emirates Foundation, the national organization of the UAE set up by the Abu Dhabi Government to facilitate public-private funded initiatives to strengthen community resilience

2022 CCW Group of Governmental Experts on lethal autonomous weapon systems

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Third session of UN cyber working group meets next week The third substantive session of UN's Open-ended Working Group on cyber issues will be meeting in New York from 25-29 July 2022. The preview edition of our Cyber Peace & Security Monitor has a look ahead at what to expect, while we are also posting documents and statements on our resource page.

Landmark guidelines aim to protect children uprooted by climate change

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New UN-backed guidelines issued on Monday aim to protect, include and empower children forced to flee their homes due to the climate crisis, marking the first-ever global effort to address this increasingly major concern.

Chaos, Conflict, Impunity: PEN International, Case List 2021

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July 13: PEN International releases Chaos, Conflict, Impunity: PEN International, Case List 2021 today. A yearly compilation of PEN International’s most emblematic cases from 2021, Chaos, Conflict, Impunity provides an overview and an indication of global trends, as well as a guide to the type of challenges writers faced, in different countries worldwide, and the actions other writers took....

The Essentials for Collective Impact series

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The Essentials for Collective Impact series is designed to support those early in their collective impact work by providing workshops that focus on four key areas—an overview of collective impact and the backbone role, advancing equity, community engagement, and data and learning—that are critical when using the collective impact approach for social change.

UN Transforming Education: Pre Summit Preparation: Youth Declaration

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Transforming education can only be achieved if we, young people, are included in the processes of implementing policy and systematic changes to education stakeholders and governments. This is why youth must be engaged in critical events that will shape education’s future, such as the Transforming Education Summit (TES), which will take place in September 2022.

UNICEF Executive Director Catherine Russell's remarks at an address on the state of global food security and nutrition

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"If you have ever seen a severely wasted child – as I have – it never leaves you. I will be forever haunted by the tiny, fragile children I saw on recent missions in Ethiopia and in Afghanistan."

From Our Member Suara Rakyat Malaysia, Malaysia – Launch of Malaysia Youth’s Action Against Torture Exhibition: Re-imagining a Torture Free Nation

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In commemoration of the United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture on 26th of June, Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM) in collaboration with Association for the Prevention of Torture (APT) and Cross-Cultural Foundation (CrCF) launched an exhibition on torture prevention. The exhibition showcased 30 selected cartoons from a competition for Malaysian youths held in 2021.

A sporting chance at peace

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As the 2022 Commonwealth Games get underway, a group of academics from around the world ask: what role does sport play in promoting peace and universal understanding?

Time for a World Education Service | Event with Tony Blair (Thursday 28th July, 12:00 – 12:45 BST / 13:00 – 13:45 CAT)

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Join our discussion on how technology is super-charging global education efforts as we launch our latest paper that argues there has never.The global education crisis is real and urgent. Today, over 258 million children and young people are out of school and, post-Covid, 1 in 7 10-year-olds would struggle to read a simple text. Without radical action, we won't even come close to achieving UN SDG4.


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Beyond Sport is convening 300 leaders from the national and international sport sector to explore, debate and share insights on sport’s role in addressing the UK’s most pressing social and sectoral issues.


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Listen Include Respect: LAUNCHED!

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The Listen Include Respect guidelines will help organisations of all types to be more inclusive of people with disabilities. From producing and delivering accessible information, to running inclusive meetings, to including people with intellectual disabilities in consultations.

Gender Equality at the heart of Agenda 2030: Launch of the special report on the Local and Regional Governments’ localization of SDG 5

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"For this reason, we are proud to announce the launch of ‘From Making Commitments to Realizing Change: Local and Regional Governments’ Progress on Gender Equality’, a report to the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) on the localisation of SDG 5. The publication was developed with Associate Professor Jennifer Piscopo as lead author...."

Nepal joins UN-Habitat and European Commission initiative on applying global definition of urban areas

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Kathmandu, Nepal, 14 July 2022 – Officials in Nepal, a country whose urban population has increased nearly four-fold in a decade, are better equipped to provide harmonised nationwide urban planning and development in the aftermath of a workshop provided by UN-Habitat.