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Latest Sharings

Moderating online content: fighting harm or silencing dissent?

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This piece from UN Human Rights focused on the difficult balancing act of regulating hate and harm online while guaranteeing freedom of expression.

Regional cooperation key to harness emerging technologies for sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific, highlights UN conference

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Delegates at an international conference today discussed ways to enhance regional cooperation on collaborative research and development of new Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies, such as artificial intelligence, internet of things, machine learning, Blockchain and others, to ensure progress towards the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Climate change risks new violent conflict. How to respond? Policies to counter fragility should target cities and strengthen regional organizations.

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As climate change amplifies weather disasters and destabilizes food and water supplies, recent research is confirming its effects on the global south: Our planet’s warming is weakening already fragile states, increasing the risk of violent conflicts and accelerating human displacement and migration.

NatWest SE100

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The SE100 Index and Social Business Awards is run by NatWest & Pioneers Post every year to name, celebrate and learn from the UK's 100 most impressive social enterprises

State of the nation 2021: Post pandemic, employer practices will continue to be vital to progress on social mobility (UK)

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"Today, the Social Mobility Commission published its annual appraisal of social mobility in the UK’. Titled ‘State of the nation 2021; Social mobility and the pandemic’, the report draws on an extensive evidence base to lay bare the key barriers to social mobility that exist today."

INTERVIEW: Address conflict, climate change, disease, to reduce humanitarian need, urges outgoing ‘relief chief’ (FROM UN NEWS)

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When he accepted the offer to become UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, four years ago, Mark Lowcock had hoped the need for aid globally was on the decline.


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Find here the final report drafted at the end of the High Level Political Forum, the main forum focused on the SDGs.

How collaborations with social entrepreneurs are helping to make the SDGs a reality (WEF)

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Social innovators are tackling some of the world’s greatest threats – and by working more collaboratively, are shifting the entire landscape of the social change sector. This shift has been facilitated by Catalyst 2030, a global movement of social entrepreneurs and social innovators looking to attain the SDGs by 2030.

RCE Youth Webinar: Youth Voices on Climate Change, Action for Sustainability

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Organized by the Global RCE Service Centre, the RCE Youth Webinar ‘Youth Voices on Climate Change, Action for Sustainability’ will be held virtually (online) 14:00-16:00 JST on 11 August, 2021 to commemorate International Youth Day 2021.

Shell’s appeal confirms its lack of commitment to tackling climate change (Friends of Earth)

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Shell's decision to appeal sends the "wrong signal" according to Milieudefensie’s director Donald Pols. 'Shell should act now, as the judge ordered. The longer the delay the more serious the climate consequences will be for us all.'

Sustainable Recovery Tracker, International Energy Agency

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"With only 2% of governments’ recovery spending going to clean energy transitions, global emissions are set to surge to an all-time high".

New Report Finds G-20 Member Countries Support Fossil Fuels At Levels Untenable To Achieve Paris Agreement Goals

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Bloomberg Philanthropies and BloombergNEF released a new Climate Policy Factbook outlining the progress that each G-20 member country has made toward moving to a low-carbon economy. The report was released to increase transparency and inform policy priorities ahead of upcoming international climate negotiations, including the G-20 Summit and Ministerial Meetings, the 75th Session of the U.N. GA.

Olympic legend Edwin Moses backs UN report on how sport can help

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Last year the UN invited Laureus Sport for Good to contribute to a report by the UN Secretary General to the UN General Assembly on what role sport could play in healing society in the aftermath of covid-19.Olympic legend Edwin Moses backs the UN's report on the importance of sport in helping the world heal in the aftermath of COVID-19.

Pegasus: Human rights-compliant laws needed to regulate spyware

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The UN human rights chief on Monday said the apparent widespread use of Pegasus spy software to illegally undermine the rights of those under surveillance, including journalists and politicians, was “extremely alarming” and confirmed “some of the worst fears” surrounding the potential misuse of such technology.

Inclusion is patriotism of the highest order (Darren Walker, President, Ford Foundation)

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The piece was published on the Washington Post and Walker makes the case on why America needs to focus and invest on inclusion. This message, amid the controversies surrounding CRT, critical race theory, is really relevant.

Fewer women than men will regain employment during the COVID-19 recovery says ILO

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A new policy brief shows that the disproportionate job and income losses suffered by women during the pandemic will persist in the near future.

Better housing for better lives (OECD)

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Decent, affordable housing is essential for people's well-being and for a sustainable and inclusive economy. But securing such housing has long been difficult, particularly for those with low or unstable incomes, as well as young people.

1st Draft of The Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework

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The UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Secretariat on 12 July 2021 released the first official draft of a new Global Biodiversity Framework to guide actions worldwide through 2030 to preserve and protect nature and its essential services to people.

The Global Alliance for a Green New Deal (Reported by the Guardian)

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MPs from all over the world are coming together to push for a Global Green Deal.

Equator Prize 2021 honors trailblazing Indigenous and local solutions for people and planet (UNDP)

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New York - The UN Development Programme (UNDP) and partners announce the winners of the 12th Equator Prize, recognizing local and Indigenous communities from around the world. The winning organizations showcase local, innovative, nature-based solutions for tackling biodiversity loss and climate change, and achieving their local development goals even during a pandemic.