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Latest Sharings

Volunteering Australia: Wear It Purple Day

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Wear It Purple Day is an annual event that aims to create safe and supportive environments for young individuals.

Commemorating 5 years since Kofi Annan’s passing – How his legacy lives on

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5 years ago, on August 18, 2018, Kofi Annan passed away, and the world lost a leader, an icon of peace and diplomacy. His legacy lives on through his Foundation, working towards a peaceful world that is equitable and stable.

IDS: Domestic workers in India are demanding justice

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Published on 16 August 2023 Domestic workers in Delhi NCR are demanding that they receive fair and dignified treatment, and the recognition of their rights. As part of this, they are including appropriate wages, a day’s leave in a week, fixed hours of work in a day and the assurance of provident fund, pension, and workers’ social security.

The Power of Multisectoral Approaches for Human Capital Development (18-19 Sept, 2023)

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Bringing together policymakers, practitioners, and researchers, we will showcase what we have learned to advance economic mobility in North America, based on a decade of work supporting rigorous randomized evaluations and advancing evidence-based policymaking.

Ecuador voters reject oil drilling in Amazon

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by Mary Kate McCoy: a bold and farsighted decision taken by the people of Ecuador. Amid a worrying security situation, the people still made the right decision in matter of preserving the amazon.

Saudi Arabia: Mass Killings of Migrants at Yemen Border

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Systematic Abuses of Ethiopians May Amount to Crimes Against Humanity. Saudi border guards have killed at least hundreds of Ethiopian migrants and asylum seekers who tried to cross the Yemen-Saudi border between March 2022 and June 2023.

The IISD Global Subsidies Initiative (GSI)

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The IISD Global Subsidies Initiative (GSI) supports international processes, national governments and civil society organizations to align subsidies with sustainable development.

Seventh GEF Assembly

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7th Global Environment Facility Assembly is gathering in Vancouver, Canada, August 22-26, 2023. Environmental leaders from 185 countries will gather in Vancouver, Canada for the Seventh Assembly of the Global Environment Facility from August 22-26. Building on recent diplomatic breakthroughs on biodiversity loss, toxic chemicals, and the high seas, the GEF Assembly will be a critical stocktaking

Climate change more than doubled the likelihood of extreme fire weather conditions in Eastern Canada (World Weather Attribution )

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22 August, 2023 WILDFIRE NORTH AMERICA During May and June 2023 Canada witnessed exceptionally extreme fire-weather conditions, leading to extensive wildfires that burned over 13 million hectares.

TRANSCRIPT OF Building Capacity to Support Community Listening (COLLECTIVE IMPACT FORUM)

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What can it look like to build capacity to support authentic community listening? In this podcast discussion on air on the 21st of Aug, 2023, we learned about the community listening work supported by Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg, based in St. Petersburg, Florida.

WEBINAR: The Elephant in the Room: How the G20 can veer from record fossil fuel support

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WEBINAR The Elephant in the Room: How the G20 can veer from record fossil fuel support August 23, 2023 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm IST via Zoom. This webinar will offer a first glimpse at the findings of a new study by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) and partners, examining the volume of public financial support for fossil fuels in the G20 last year.

Corporate Justice Coalition (CJC) : Green Prosperity and Human Rights

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This October the Corporate Justice Coalition (CJC) will be jointly coordinating its third consecutive Labour Party Conference Fringe event, Green Prosperity and Human Rights: Preventing UK Corporate and Public Sector Supply Chain Abuses.

IOM: I Lend My Voice: Stand with survivors

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With an estimated fifty million people trapped in modern slavery in 2021, it is crucial to increase awareness and strengthen counter-trafficking efforts.

The time for investor voice in the forced labour regulation debate is now

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By Sian Lea, Business and Human Rights Manager, and Serena Chen, Business and Human Rights Intern, Anti-Slavery International


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The Power of Multisectoral Approaches for Human Capital Development (29 August, 2023- 31 August, 2023)

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The event, co-organized by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the World Food Programme (WFP),sets the space for the official launch of two key publications for the region that contribute to promoting a multisectoral policy dialogue for the development of human capital.

Global Plastics Summit

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Working towards a robust UN plastics treaty. Join the largest gathering of delegates before INC-3 at a forum for multi-stakeholders to work collaboratively towards a robust UN plastics treaty. October 11th-12th 2023 | Bangkok

Amnesty International: Iran: Respect families’ right to commemorate loved ones killed during uprising without reprisals on one-year anniversary

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The families of those unlawfully killed by Iran’s security forces during the “Woman Life Freedom” uprising in 2022 must be allowed to mark the one-year anniversaries of their deaths, Amnesty International said today, as the Iranian authorities ramp up their campaign of harassment and intimidation against victims’ families to enforce silence and impunity.