Everybody Can Serve: Celebrating the Power of Inclusive Volunteering | ENGAGE, VSO + ICS (Part II)

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'ENGAGE, in partnership with and with the support of VSO through the International Citizenship Service (ICS), organized "Everybody Can Serve" - a partnership and networking fostering event to promote a more inclusive society through volunteerism. The event comprised a market place, a partnership/collaboration corner and discussion/debate component.'



Advocacy, the Invisible Hand

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Too much focus has been given on “doing stuff” rather than advocating for systemic change through advocacy. Neglecting such important area is detrimental to the entire goals of development cooperation. How to persuade donors to invest more in the powerful but “hidden” tools of advocacy? Unfortunately the focus is always focused on shortermism rather than long term.

Creating Collaborations among Volunteerism Promoting Agencies: The Way Forward

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International Day of Volunteerism is coming and it's a great opportunity. The volunteering sector in the country reflects the wider development sector: not enough coordination, too many prima donnas like ineffective football teams full of champions all playing for themselves rather than the team. Still there are quite a few ways to initiate a common front to promote volunteerism in the country.