Mainstreaming Volunteering ( Part III)

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The last piece part of a series of sharings on volunteerism. The first piece was published on Septmber 8th and the second one on September 23rd. In this last piece, we advocate for volunteerism promoting agency to get out of their "box" and try to reach other sectors peers in order to fully "merge" volunteering action within the development framework. As a standing alone, volunteerism makes no sen

Debating CSR in Nepal: A bit bumpy road but without a way back!

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Slowly a community of practitioners on Corporate Social Responsibility is emerging in Nepal. It is open to all; it is free of charge and ultimately it makes sense. Hopefully after reading this piece, you might be tempted to join.

One for All, All for One? A gentle nudge towards partnerships and collaborations in development sector

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Common advocacy agendas, peer sharing and division of labor do not automatically lead to joint cooperation at the implementation level but are definitely a prerequisite for stronger cooperation among actors all united against the same enemies: poverty, inequalities and injustices.

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