Lee Kuan Yew, not a saint but surely a trailblazer in a Singapore that is still a work in progress

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Singapore, despite remarkable success, it is still a work in progress. Though not a paradise on earth, the incredible story of this tiny island state was written by Lee Kuan Yew and a bunch of other incredible pioneers. It showed the world (and to China) that development can happen also through the "Asian" way but certainly this is not the "end of history" for Singapore.

Adopted Territory by Anthropologist Dr. Elena J. Kim ( 2010)

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This a book review that i carried out recently and published by New Aisa Books. I would like to seek sharing4good readers comments on the children adoptions. Do we think adoption policies are in the best interest of the children always? If not how to make these policies that really work for the children who are in need of family? What should be the role of social workers in the adoption sector?

Crafting Asian Social Work as a transnational professional space Personal Narration of a transnational migrant Social Work educator

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With my multiple identities, motives for migration, training standards and values, I continue to explore and aim to transit myself in to what it seems like an unfamiliar community of practice as effectively as possible. My day to day encounters and partnerships with social work colleagues from all over the world and welfare agencies may redefine the counters of Asian social work.

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