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Have you ever thought you have something to “express” with a social dimension but never had the opportunity to do it?

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15 March, 2019
23 February, 2019

What to do with INGOs?

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Make them more accountable? Of course yes through a better national “system” but also by thinking long term and strategically on what we want from them. Some food for thought: Overhauling the SWC, raising the financial requirements for INGOs to operate in the country, letting smaller INGOs to create consortium or merge and allow some of them to be “nationalized” as community foundations.

VSO Nepal team at the 58th Convention on the Status of Women in New York

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I’m in New York with a team of VSO employees and it partner organisation, Sankalpa, for the 58th Convention on the Status of Women (CSW) at the United Nations (UN). This is when member states come together annually to discuss the status of women and girls, women’s rights and women’s empowerment globally.

Overcoming Barriers: Using ordinary solutions to reach extraordinary ends

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Change is possible.If all united, disabilities can be overcome in a better and more equal society. Everybody has a role to play.

Happy #WorldWaterDay 2014!

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March 22 is #WWD2014. 


Interview with Maurizio Bussatti, IOM Nepal

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Interview with Maurizio Bussatti, IOM Nepal, Chief of Mission about the Migration Challenges in Nepal

A Rotary Holi

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Rotarians and Holi come together

The INGOs and the Red Book: How Open data and On Line system can enhance the journey for better accountability.

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Betting on ITC with open data and innovative software can be a real win win for the country, making it easier for INGOs and why not NGOs to be fully aligned and compliant with the national rules and regulations. In short, for those still reticent to go “mainstream”, no more excuses.

A little step to a social change

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Rudramati river flows in the heart of the city of kathmandu. The river is now a polluted, stangnant and stinky. Nepal school of social work has initiated a community engegement program called college with community to clean the river flowing in its community of budha nagar.

A Grey Landscape

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War is always not peace

Social Work Day 2014: everybody is a social worker

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Social Work is hard to be defined mus surely completes and integrate the overall development work. The two, social work and development should be promoted not only among professionals but also among citizenry. It is a new way of ethics, a new way of taking a stand and do something.