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Latest Sharings

From the ILO: Young workers will be hit hard by COVID-19’s economic fallout

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The International Labor Organization highlights five reasons why young workers are going to be more affected by the pandemic: 1) Lack of experience in relation to senior/more experienced employees, 2) Young people work in the informal economy, they can't just take some days off, 3) Many youth are in part time, less protected and paid jobs, 4) Young people work in industries affected 5)Automation

PRESS RELEASE: Protecting the most vulnerable children from the impact of coronavirus: An agenda for action

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"Without urgent action, this health crisis risks becoming a child-rights crisis." " Global coordination is urgently needed to prevent this health crisis from becoming a child-rights crisis."

Speech by President von der Leyen at the European Parliament Plenary on the EU coordinated action to combat the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences

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"The European budget will be the mothership of our recovery.And for that reason, the next seven year budget must be different to what we had imagined, just as Spinelli said. We will use the power of the whole European budget to leverage the huge amount of investment we need to rebuild the Single Market after Corona." Focus also on linking the recovery with the European Green Deal

From the World Food Program: COVID-19 - Potential Impact on the World's Poorest People

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"COVID-19 in rich and poor countries are two starkly diff erent realities but connected by the thread of globalization and humanity. The only real hope for many is availability of aff ordable testing and treatment"

PRESS RELEASE: Call to Action: Now and the Future, COVID-19 and Gender Equality, Global Peace and Security

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The ‘Call to Action: Now and the Future, COVID-19 and Gender Equality, Global Peace and Security’ paper addresses the deeply gendered impact of COVID-19.

PRESS RELEASE: Children at increased risk of harm online during global COVID-19 pandemic ( UNICEF)

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Newly released technical note aims to help governments, ICT companies, educators and parents protect children in lockdown

A Letter to my sister Deanne Joi Rosenkrantz

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This is a letter to my sister who left this earth in 1984 when she was 25.


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World leaders call for an urgent debt moratorium and unprecedented health and economic aid packages.

Press Release: European roadmap shows path towards common lifting of containment measures

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The European Commission, the executive branch of the EU is coming up with a road map, a set of criteria that should help the member states to decide when to ease the lock down. Here the key criteria to decide: 1) spread of the disease has significantly decreased and stabilised for a sustained period, 2) Sufficient health system capacity, 3) Appropriate monitoring capacity

PRESS RELEASE: Sanofi and GSK join forces to fight COVID-19 BY EMMA WALMSLEY, CEO, GSK

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Sanofi and GSK announced on 14 April 2020 that they will work together on the development of a new, adjuvanted vaccine for COVID-19.Once a vaccine will be developed, the two companies, two of the biggest pharma companies in the world, will be able to produce hundred of billions of vaccine and they are committed not to profit from this initiative.


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The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has released a set of recommendations calling for urgent and strong support to help the global tourism sector not only recover from the unprecedented challenge of COVID-19 but to ‘grow back better’.

PRESS RELEASE: £100 million response announced to help social sector organisations through the coronavirus crisis in UK

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New lending facilities will provide much-needed finance to charities and social enterprises, and small businesses in disadvantaged parts of the UK

PRESS RELEASE: The First 100 Days of the COVID-19 Outbreak in Asia and the Pacific: A Gender Lens

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This report presents a snapshot of the gender dimensions of the socio-economic impacts of the pandemic and captures promising practices for integrating gender in preparedness and response planning while proposing potential and entry points to mitigate the socio-economic impacts for women and girls in the region.

Peace and the pandemic: the impact of COVID-19 on conflict in Asia ( BY Adam Burke, DEVPOLICY BLOG)

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According to Adam Burke, The Asia Foundation’s director of Conflict and Fragility, " makes existing conflicts in Asia less predictable". The Author analyzed some trends in the region, showing how conflicts can get exacerbated by covid. The Author also highlights how "Coordination and collaboration, two essential elements in addressing a pandemic, are especially hard to achieve in conflict zone".

From the IMF: The Great Lockdown: Worst Economic Downturn Since the Great Depression ( BY Gita Gopinath)

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"The world has changed dramatically in the three months since our last update of the World Economic Outlook in January. A rare disaster, a coronavirus pandemic, has resulted in a tragically large number of human lives being lost. As countries implement necessary quarantines and social distancing practices to contain the pandemic, the world has been put in a Great Lockdown. "

IDA's letter to World Health Organisation in response to the #COVID19 pandemic

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Press Release: The International Disability Alliance is pushing hard to have persons with disabilities at the center of the pandemic response not just in terms of support needed but also as engaged and active in the fight against.

FROM THE UNITED NATIONS: The Impact of COVID-19 on Women

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" The pandemic is deepening pre-existing inequalities, exposing vulnerabilities in social, political and economic systems which are in turn amplifying the impacts of the pandemic". "Limited gains made in the past decades’ toward gender equality ‘are at risk of being rolled back’. The report suggests priorities on how to reverse this.

Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) DEMOCRACY REPORT 2020 is out

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Press Release: the 2020 V-Dem Institute report is highlighting how autocracies are growing BIG TIME in this new era but as the same time, resistance movements are scaling up as well. The V-Dem Institute is an independent research institute and the Headquarters of the project based at the Department of Political Science, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

STATEMENT: Canada set up COVID-19 Disability Advisory Group BY The Honourable Carla Qualtrough, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Disability Inclusion

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The Group will provide advice on the real-time lived experiences of persons with disabilities during this crisis; disability-specific issues, challenges and systemic gaps; and strategies, measures and steps to be taken. Areas of particular focus will be equality of access to health care and supports; access to information and communications, mental health and social isolation...