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Hi and Welcome to Sharing4Good (S4G)
Thanks for visiting and we hope that you will like the idea and decide to share.
In snapshot, through S4G, we want to

Generate an open, all inclusive and accessible space where people working for development and the common good can share their ideas, reflection on a broad array of issues or stories that for you have a social dimension.

A space that is our, where we can feel ownership on the contents and ideas shared

A space for common good

S4G seeks to fill a vacuum in the social and development sector, offering an opportunity for everyone to express themselves.
For us this is all about creating opportunities for self-empowerment.

We work in order to facilitate a change and in order to achieve this CHANGE, we need, continuously, dare to think differently and not being afraid of making mistakes.

Moreover, we look for nourishing  and fostering new ideas, new way of looking at “work as usual” and we would like to generate some sort of interest through a peer review approach: we are all potential “Sharers” and should have the chance to share her/his thoughts, informally, in a very practical way.

We do not care much about style, format and grammar. Quality stems from the ideas, feelings and proposals expressed by our community of Sharers. We just look for fresh ideas that possibly could be written in a simple and clear way. If there are grammatical mistakes in the write up, do not worry. We are not an OP ED PAGE of a daily newspaper; we do not want to replace them.

We rather want to create a community of Sharers, people interested and curious to think openly and widely.

We all have our own way and we want to encourage this whether it is a: very short write up, more lengthy one, picture, video or text, you decide yourself how you want to share.

A special thanks to Michael Rosenkrantz, Pragya Mishra, Mohan Rai, Manendra Dhoj Joshi and Veneeta Sinha, Rafael Poudel the core members of S4G. In particular Mike and Pragya have been playing a special role. To them my sincere gratitude.Without them, S4G won’t be what it is now.

We hope you will enjoy the experience
Simone “Simo” Galimberti