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Latest Sharings

20 February, 2024

Renee Montgomery, a professional basketball player takes year off to focus on social actism (PRESS RELEASE)

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"Montgomery, an 11-year veteran and two-time WNBA Champion, will apply her time to growing the Renee Montgomery Foundation and focusing on social justice reform. Montgomery has been instrumental in raising money to help protesters and support the Black Lives Matter movement. She will also take on speaking engagements to help educate and rally the Atlanta community and beyond."

EU Parliament calls for a new ambitious EU Disability Strategy (Press Release)

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As the current EU Disability Strategy comes to an end, Parliament is calling on the European Commission for an ambitious post-2020 strategy. Discover its priorities.

EU Parliament condemns all forms of racism, hate and violence and calls for action ( PRESS RELEASE)

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Black Lives Matter, says the EP, denouncing white supremacy MEPs strongly condemn “appalling” death of George Floyd and support peaceful protests Racial discrimination and harassment remain commonplace throughout the EU End racial profiling in criminal law and ensure that police brutality is punished

Peace Prize of the German Book Trade: The Awardee 2020 is Amartya Sen (PRESS RELEASE)

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The Board of Trustees has chosen the Indian economist and philosopher Amartya Sen as the Peace Prize Winner of the Year 2020. The award ceremony will take place on Sunday, October 18, 2020, in Frankfurt's Paulskirche and will be broadcast live on television.

"The Purpose-Driven University" by Debbie Haski-Leventhal

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In the Purpose-Driven University: Transforming Lives and Creating Impact through Academic Social Responsibility, Prof. Haski-Leventhal, , is exploring how universities can be a force for good. In a Linkedin post, Prof.Haski-Leventhal writes "I am full of hope that this book will help higher education become more of a force for good in our world, shifting away from being the best for the world."


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Many Fellows responded months ago and are working to make sure all people are as supported as possible right now, and that the new ways of organizing will sustain a changemaker world – more inclusive, more resilient, everyone steps up for the common good. Read more than 200 responses by Ashoka Fellows from countries around the world.

UN forum calls for greater investments in statistics to ensure no one, nowhere is left behind post COVID-19 (PRESS RELEASE)

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Increasing investments in official statistics as well as empowering users will be a crucial factor to support post-pandemic socio-economic recovery in the Asia-Pacific region, underscored delegates at the close of a United Nations meeting today.

Webinar: The future of sport and development (Date: 23 June 2020, 14:00-15:30 (GMT+2)

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The International Platform on Sport and Development (sportanddev) is launching a webinar following a call for articles on the future of sport and development.

Interview with Dr. Kay Bauman

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Kay is someone who I met while living in Tucson and working for Iskashitaa Refugee Network.  Kay is a doctor and a true humanitarian.  She has worked with AIDS patients, with refugees and continues to support social justice causes.  Kay is a real model for me as I age.  Enjoy this wonderufl interview with Kay



Interview with Jim McRitchie

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I met Jim in mid-1979 as we were both heading off from California to graduate school at Boston College.  We were studying workplace democracy.  Jim was a bit older than me but we lived together along with Jim Gallese, in a roach infested apartment in Cleveland Circle.  Jim McRitchie taught me to make stir-fry something which has led to a healthy diet.  Jim continues in his "retirement" to do good in the world and is very entertaining in telling me about his life.  Enjoy



Gender, Climate and Security: Sustaining inclusive peace on the frontlines of climate change

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The report, a joint publication of UN Women, UNEP, UNDP and DPPA (Department of Peace Building and Political Affairs), assesses entry points for integrated action across existing global agendas and suggests concrete recommendations for how policymakers, development practitioners and donors can advance three inter-related goals: peace and security, climate action and gender equality.(June,9th,2020)

Social and Economic Impacts of Covid-19 (coronavirus) in Asia-Pacific (UNDP)

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Prepared by the the UNDP Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific, the report focuses, first on on saving lives and re-calibrate the budgets in order to offer economic stimulus and protect the most vulnerable.


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Estimates based on growth projections from the June 2020 Global Economic Prospects report show that, when compared with pre-crisis forecasts, COVID-19 could push 71 million people into extreme poverty in 2020 under the baseline scenario and 100 million under the downside scenario.

Statement by Commissioner Brenda Lucki (RCMP), Press Release

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The head of the Canadian police force, formally known as Royal Canadian Mounted Police, RCMP, retreats previous declarations and officially states that in her institution, there is systematic racism: "I did acknowledge that we, like others, have racism in our organization, but I did not say definitively that systemic racism exists in the RCMP. I should have".

AVPN CONFERENCE: Harnessing the Power of Networks to Build a Better World

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Key Takeaways Explore various social investment opportunities to drive systemic impact Reflect on principles that can help public, private and civil societies rebuild thriving ecosystems that are driven by sustainability Learn about innovative financing models have been successful in meeting immediate and long-term needs

Talking to your kids about racism (UNICEF)

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How to start the important conversation and keep it going.

FRON AVPN CONFERENCE: The Challenges for Corporates in Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Key Takeaways Key Takeways: Reforming business as usual to adapt to the new post-COVID world order Inspiring action and impact leadership through business-relevant crisis response Transforming business contingency planning to prepare for a holistic socio-economic response for crisis

‘Opportunity’ in crisis: UN regional forum on business and human rights seeks high road in post COVID-19 recovery

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A virtual event brings together a broad range of delegates to discuss strategies to manage the impact of COVID-19 in the region and chart a path to a more inclusive future.

Responding to the anger ( Klaus Schwab Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum)

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The anger generated by the murder of George Floyd has brought forth once more demands for real civil rights and an end to the racism that scars societies, not just in the United States but also around the world. In rightly addressing the cause of that outrage – the blight of racism – it is also necessary to address the fundamental inequalities amplified by the pandemic.

Mia Hansen Interview

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Mia Hansen is an incredible humanitarian.  Her life work is to help others.  Check out this engaging interview with her.  You will love it.