The two irony of blockade in Nepal by India

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The two irony of blockade in Nepal by India

We are quite aware about the ongoing Madhesi movements in Terai. It has shown a huge impact on Nepalese economy as well as brought certain social change on day to day lives of people. We can now finally analyze how courageous is our government because they don't have even guts to say that it is a blockade. Every minister and media as well as government is saying it's an unofficial blockade where as everyone knows that is official.

This blockade has made a massive destruction on custom tax and economy of our country. Simultaneously it has increased heavy corruption and black marketing. It is so ironical that everywhere people are talking that Nepalese people didn't let their dignity/ self respect down in front of India, but the funny thing is most of this speakers are buying petrol from black market and even gas bullets as well as other products. So, do really Nepalese people have not let down their dignity and self respect?

The thing is there are two groups who have not been affected even at 1% from this blockade. These two groups are the one who are very poor, below poverty line and minority groups and another one is the so called high-class and very rich people of the society. The poor they have always lived their lives and day to day livelihood struggling and through many hard work and effort so the blockade has not hampered their lives. Similarly these rich people have so much of money and are so full of vested interest they have not yet faced any bigger problem from this official blockade. They can always manage for themselves. So the affected group is the one who are in the middle who have jobs, business, shops, restaurants as their priority and livelihoods. They face the maximum problem and challenges in their day to day lives.

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