The Glorious Ways Of Shiva.

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It all began with the ways to Parvati, The Daughter of the Himalayas, the Prakriti, the Feminine, the creation.

The Adiyogi, the lord of the lords, Shiva is known for his yoga and the meditation. He is the creator of the nature, the prakriti and everything known for existence.
When The Adiyogi was sitting under the Himalayas, doing the yoga in his own glorious ways, the king of the Himalayas and his daughter, Parvati began serving him. After the million years, Shiva opened his eyes to see that the king and his daughter were serving him. He asked the king that it was disrespectful to bring a lady near to a yogi.

Parvati could not take it. She began asking questions. Why not?
Shiva answered,” it is not right to bring a women near to any ascetic”.
Parvati replied, “Why not? You are the Purusha and I am a Prakriti, without purusha the prakriti is incomplete and without the prakriti, purusha is incomplete.”
Shiva had something. “Well, I am the creator of the Prakriti and I can destroy and dismiss it.”

Parvati replied,” Without the Prakriti, the nature, you are nothing. You do not have anything if there is no nature. You will have absolute nothing to do, you will become absolute inert, emptiness”.

Shiva was fascinated by the conversation with Parvati. Shiva pretended to be immensely angry and asked both of the king and his daughter to leave. But the stubborn Daughter of the King of Himalayas refused to do so. She wanted to marry the adiyogi. She wanted to marry Shiva at any cost. She stayed for thousands of years alongside Shiva until he had no choice other than to marry her.
Although, Shiva married the Prakriti, there was no involvement. He still lived as an ascetic. He accepted her, she was still in her side, but then also, there was no involvement.

How to have the fulfillment of a women? Parvati was desperate to have a child. She wanted to be a mother because it was her concept that being a mother would make her prosperous and satisfied.

She went to take a bath. And from the soil and earth, she made a boy. She gave birth to a boy named Ganaspati. When she was inside the cave, she commanded her son to avoid anybody entering the cave where she was having bath.
At that moment, the Adiyogi came to the cave. He wanted to enter the cave, but the boy, Ganaspati did not let him in. Shiva got angry. With the axe he had in the pocket, He cut down the head of his own son. When Parvati saw all of this, she got angry. Shiva had no other choice than to bring his son back to life. The original head of Ganesh was disrupted and could not be fixed. So Shiva ordered Nandi and his fellow followers to travel to the forest and bring the head of the first animal they see. It was a baby elephant they found.

Shiva joined the elephant head to his son’s dead body and brought him to life.
When Shiva saw Parvati trying to fulfill herself in the simplest ways of life, out of his compassion, he began teaching Parvati the ways of receiving self-fulfillment. Bearing Children, giving birth to the children is not going to lead to the fulfillment and he opened up the possibilities of yoga to Parvati.

He began teaching her the yoga. Yoga in this context means the mastery of the formation and the dissolution of life. It means the self-creation and self-destruction of yourself. He began expanding the yoga sutra to Parvati. This teaching transpired between two peoples without any resistance and acceptance to everything anyone offers to give. With all the space.

It worked for her miraculously and she realized everything.

Shiva is not a philosopher. He is a yogi. A yogi who had the innermost knowledge of formation and the dissolution of anything present. He is an Adiyogi. He is much more than an adiyogi as peoples have a lot of names for Shiva. But most importantly, Shiva had the knowledge that everything that we can see or that exists is just a medium for our spirits. He knew that our body is just and another medium for our spirit to travel. He knew that nothing known to exist was going to be permanent and last forever.

The way he saw things were vastly different than ours. How different? Even if I guess, I will not be even close. I’ll be too far from the reality.
Death is natural. Everybody needs to leave this body and travel to the miraculous journey of your spirit. But peoples are afraid of death. They are afraid to lose their body.


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